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It's corona times: This UP couple did a virtual 'I do'

Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh), March 26 (IANS) Necessity is the mother of invention and digital marriages are becoming order of the day during corona times.

One such wedding took place on Wednesday night in Hardoi district where the groom and the bride exchanged vows over telephone and Facetime.

The bride, Mehjabeen, dressed up in all finery, sat at home with just her immediate family members while the groom, Hamid, remained at his house with his family members. The two houses were at a distance of about 15 kilometres.

Through video conferencing, the cleric Maulana Tahir solemnized the 'nikaah' and the respective families held mini-celebrations in their homes.

Hamid said: "The lockdown took place and there was no way in which we could take the 'baraat' out. We discussed the issue and decided that the wedding would not be postponed and would be held at all costs. After the lockdown is lifted, I will bring my bride home and, perhaps, have a bigger celebration then."

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