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Elected incapable people using abusive language: Netaji kin

Kolkata, Jan 15 (IANS) Amidst the storm over BJP's West Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh's threat to "beat up" and "shoot" anti-CAA protestors indulging in violence, state BJP Vice President Chandra Kumar Bose on Tuesday lashed out against elected "incapable" people using "abusive language".

In a strongly worded tweet, with the hashtag "CleansePolitics", the grand nephew of revolutionary leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, however, did not take any names.

"When persons who are incapable ,incapacitated get elected- then what do you expect - abusive language & negativism! #CleansePolitics!" the tweet read.

Sometime later, Bose posted another message on his Twitter handle, asking people not to connect his Ayweet with any leader.

"Don't connect with any leader - there's no name stated here!" he posted.

Addressing a party rally on Sunday in Ranathat, about 80 kilometers from Kolkata, Ghosh went ballistic saying the governments in BJP-ruled Assam, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have shot dead "like dogs" those protesting against the new Citizenship Act.

Alleging that there were one crore infiltrators in the state, Ghosh had accused them of destroying public property worth Rs 500-600 crore during the violent protests against the CAA last month.

"Friends, please know these people who are opposing Hindus and Bengalis. In whose interest are they doing this? There are one crore infiltrators. They are having their meals and staying here on our money."

He then referred to the three states ruled by the BJP.

"In Assam, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, our governments have shot dead these devils like dogs. They were taken elsewhere and then again cases were filed against them. They will come here, eat, stay, and then destroy property, do they think this is their zamindari?"

He said once a BJP government was installed in Bengal, "We will hit them with sticks, shoot them, and also send them to jail. Our governments have done exactly that."

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