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Hugh Grant regrets putting off marriage from priorities list in past

Los Angeles, Dec 16 (IANS) Actor Hugh Grant has admitted that he was wrong about his views on marriage and having children.

In an interview with Chris Evans on his "Virgin Radio Breakfast Show", Grant confessed some of his past mistakes, reports dailymail.co.uk.

"Well, I was just plain wrong. I was wrong. And children, you know, I used to roll my eyes. People would say, 'oh Hugh you don't understand it', but they were right," Grant said.

Last year, Grant got married to his on-and-off girlfriend Anna Eberstein at the age of 57. He told Evans that he was "putting off" marriage for long.

"It was a very small affair, that's all. It was very nice getting married. It was another thing I put off too many decades. Very nice. Very nice being married," he added.

Asked why he put it off so long, Grant said he was simply "wrong" as he also was about not wanting children.

Grant had his first child with Tinglan Hong in 2011. Grant and Eberstein welcomed their first child together in 2012. The two then split, following which Grant re-united with Hong and the two welcomed their second child together.

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